POLARIS is one-person project name of Jakub Kmieć. First steps in creation of own music took place in the beginning of the 90’s, on computer machines, under the influence of electronic classics from 70’s and 80’s. Later on the music interests and influences evaluated through the years so it’s now wide spectrum of electronic styles, but the main are ambient/downtempo/IDM/retro-electronica. The first debut release was an EP called “Stan Przejsciowy” (Polish “Temporary State”) which had a success of 2nd award in Polish Radio Program 3 annual competition for best electronic music in 2001. Three years later the next album has been released called “Moo’n’sequences” with a lot of references to old-school synth music. In 2005 POLARIS project had the very first live apperence during AMBIENT Festival in Poland – the live set from this event has been documented as next album called “Re:Transmission”. This album had more flavours of various other electronic genres. Following the first live apperance Jakub joined musicians from Ricochet Gathering community and played improvised live sets with them in various locations in Europe: Canary Islands, Italy, Croatia and Germany. The power of very positive energy going from the Ricochet Gatherings was a driving force for music included on CD album “Background Stories” released by the label Ricochet Dream in 2008, and followed by several concerts in 2009 and 2010, among which were several open-air events like “WEF Molo Electro” electronic music festival in Sopot or “Pyromagic Music Wave” fireworks festival in Szczecin, and also performances in such a uncommon venue like the one during Adam Perun’s vernissage called “Newstainedglass” on top of Kasprowy Wierch mountain in Poland (1987 m) – the venue was a top ropeway station.